Tattoos by Shannon Hodgkin

My names Shannon Hodgkin, I tattoo in Melbourne Australia. If you'd like a tattoo from me email

I have time this Thursday and Saturday if anyone would like to get tattooed, and plenty of appointments through out next month, email for info, thanks!

Started this today, Thanks heaps Kristie!

Available to tattoo! thanks!

Other side of the neck for Tom, thanks heaps for coming in man. for info, thanks!

Another big session, thanks heaps @emmatanya you sat like a rock, 1 more to go. for info, thanks!

Rotten photos of this one, but heaps of fun! Unknown reference unfortunately. Thanks Tom!

Thanks heaps Josh! No filter. Thanks for lookin!

Handala for Hollie, more of these would be fun, always keen for dot work. Thanks!

New stuff. Available to anyone game, bigger the better! if your interested. Thanks!

Some more on this today! Thanks Rhi!

This is good to go as a tattoo! If your interested let me know, email thanks!

I have time for tattoos over the next few weeks if anyone would like to get an appointment, email for info, thanks!

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